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What is ATM Card Skimming?

Skimming is a technigue used by criminals to copy personal data from the magnetic strip on an ATM card.

The criminal is a skimmer device over the card slot of the ATM, when the ATM card reader uses the skimming able to read the card details from the magnetic strip on the card and transmite this to a receviver.

ATM card skimming is a constantly increasing and huge problem world-wide.

Who are ATM Card Skimmers?

Card skimmers are professional criminal people and they become much more dangerous everyday.

Skimming attacks become more and more aggressive. In order to save ATMs against these types of attacks CARDGUARD offers effective solutions.

CARDGUARD experts know how these criminals attack ATMs to copy card information and adapt our products to newly developed skimming techniques.

Fraud Statistics

ATM Related Fraud Attacks Europe 2005-2014

Year Number of Attacks Yearly Losses in Euros

2005 3450 €236 million

2006 4571 €306 million

2007 4501 €439 million

2008 12278 €485 million

2009 13269 €312 million

2010 12383 €268 million

2011 20244 €234 million

2012 22450 €265 million

2013 25352 €248 million

2014 15702 €280 million

*Source: www.european-atm-security.eu

Skimming Devices