Advantages of CardGuard

What are the advantages of CARDGUARD?
• Remote monitoring with USB and RS232 connection.
• Elimination of reading faults by the ability to tell when the card is being inserted or ejected from the ATM/SST, during this time CARDGUARD starts to emita jamming signal to stop any skimming attempt. When the card is ejected CARDGUARD continues to run until the card is completely removed from the readermouth.
• Higher output level.
• In problems related to the card reader or it is replacement, there is no additional servicing required to the CARDGUARD.
• If CARDGUARD senses an external attack the unit will cut the power to the card reader automaticaly, when the unit senses it is no longer under attack, normal operation resumes. There is no need for resetting or servicing of CARDGUARD unit.
• Stable and eficient operation.
• Continuous monitoring of the card reader and the references required for running.
• Simple installation procedure.
• No need for calibration.
Compatible with all brands and models of ATM/SST by using various adaptors and ?rmware only by way of cable change or by cable adaptors.