What is CardGuard?

• CARDGUARD is a device developed to fight against fraudulent attempts using magnetic card skimming.
• CARDGUARD is compatible with all different types of brands & models of ATM/SST.
• The CARDGUARD intervenes during the entry and exit of the magnetic card to and from the card reader and this prevents the card data from being copied (skimmed).
• A false front is stuck over the entry of the card reader on an ATM/SST for fraudulent attempts to copy the information from the magnetic stripe of the bank customer?s card.
• The CARDGUARD detects the entry and eject of the card by using various references and ensures the security of the card data at these times. It is almost impossible to copy a card that is used in an ATM/SST that has an CARDGUARD installed.
• The measures taken by the manufacturing companies may be insuf?cient and they can be easily be bypassed by the criminals.
• CARDGUARD protects itself and the client?s card reader against being shut down by external interventions.
• CARDGUARD can also be remotely monitored & controlled.