What is ATM Card Skimming?

Skimming is a technigue used by criminals to copy personal data from the magnetic strip on an ATM card.

The criminal ?ts a skimmer device over the card slot of the ATM, when the ATM card reader uses the skimming able to read the card details from the magnetic strip on the card and transmite this to a receviver.

ATM card skimming is a constantly increasing and huge problem world-wide.

Who are ATM Card Skimmers?

Card skimmers are professional criminal people and they become much more dangerous everyday.

Skimming attacks become more and more aggressive. In order to save ATMs against these types of attacks CARDGUARD offers effective solutions.

CARDGUARD experts know how these criminals attack ATMs to copy card information and adapt our products to newly developed skimming techniques.

Fraud Statistics & Skimming Devices

ATM Related Fraud Attacks Europe 2005-2013
Year Number of Attacks Yearly Losses in Euros
2005 3450 ?236 Million
2006 4571 ?306 Million
2007 4501 ?439 Million
2008 12278 ?485 Million
2009 13269 ?312 Million
2010 12383 ?268 Million
2011 20244 ?234 Million
2012 22450 ?265 Million
2013 25352 ?248 Million

*Source:  www.european-atm-security.eu

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What is The Solution?

CARDGUARD is a device developed to ?ght against fraudulent attempts using magnetic card skimming.

CARDGUARD is compatible with all different types of brands & models of ATM/SST.

What is the solution?
CardGuardThe CARDGUARD intervenes during the entry and exit of the magnetic card to and from the card reader and this prevents the card data from being copied (skimmed).

A false front is stuck over the entry of the card reader on an ATM/SST for fraudulent attempts to copy the information from the magnetic stripe of the bank customer?s card.

The CARDGUARD detects the entry and eject of the card by using various references and ensures the security of the card data at these times. It is almost impossible to copy a card that is used in an ATM/SST that has an CARDGUARD installed.

The measures taken by the manufacturing companies may be insuf?cient and they can be easily be bypassed by the criminals.

CARDGUARD protects itself and the client?s card reader against being shut down by external interventions.

CARDGUARD can also be remotely monitored & controlled.

What are the advantages of CARDGUARD?

  • Remote monitoring with USB and RS232 connection
  • Elimination of reading faults by the ability to tell when the card is being inserted or ejected from the ATM/SST, during this time CARDGUARD starts to emita jamming signal to stop any skimming attempt. When the card is ejected CARDGUARD continues to run until the card is completely removed from the readermouth
  • Higher output level
  • In problems related to the card reader or it is replacement, there is no additional servicing required to the CARDGUARD
  • If CARDGUARD senses an external attack the unit will cut the power to the card reader automaticaly, when the unit  senses it is no longer under attack, normal operation resumes. There is no need for resetting or servicing of CARDGUARD unit
  • Stable and ef?cient operation
  • Continuous monitoring of the card reader and the references required for running
  • Simple installation procedure
  • No need for calibration
  • Compatible with all brands and models of ATM/SST by using various adaptors and ?rmware only by way of cable change or by cable adaptors

Our Mission

Innovative and highly effective service to exceed the expectations of our customers. Domestic and global resources to find and develop them in the service of the banking sector. We are the process quality, while adhering to the expectations of honesty and trust are aiming to be a preferred supplier. ATM machines, in particular the renewal of the banking sector, provision of spare parts, to be modified on a project basis such as, supply and technical service to our customers at the level of international quality based services.


In this sector at the forefront as a provider of high quality and consistent service to find the primary goal. Skilled repair, revision of the modules and atm, spare parts procurement, project basis, such as modification of ATM solutions victimization does not allow customers to make international quality standards. In this context, internal and external training are giving much importance.

General Product and Service Range:

  •      Card-Guard Anti-Skimming Devices
  •      2nd Hand Atm trading
  •      Brand independently complete revision of the ATM.
  •      Module repair and maintanence change the spare parts.
  •      NCR-Wincor-supply of spare parts for Diebold
  •      Modification project basis
  •      NCR-Wincor-related products and projects with the security of Diebold ATMs.
  •      Field installation services.
  •      Currency cassettes repair and maintenance of NCR-Wincor-Diebold Atms.

Atm, the revision of an independent brand with experienced staff, the module repair, upgrade for the modified procedures meet international quality standards. Spare parts and theirs warranty are covered by this service. After the repairing products protected by the safe packaging system. We deliver these services to our Domestic and International customers as soon as possible, We follow immediately after delivery if return any parts we change urgently and send them quickly this is our company’s policy.